Indoor Gun & Archery Range

Our indoor range houses 3 bays; pistol, rifle, the Meggitt and Milo Range Systems Bay, for a total of 20 lanes. Please click the “Sign Our Waiver” button below to sign the waiver prior to your visit.



Pistol Bay, 15 yards, 8 lanes, available to rent ($20.00 per hour)


Rifle and Pistol Bay, 25 yards, 6 lanes (shoot up to a .308.), available to rent ($20.00 per hour)


Meggitt and Milo Range Systems, 20 yards, 6 lanes, available by reservation soon.

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Firearms training is about more than just shooting rounds down range. It’s also about accessing threats such as moving targets, friend vs foe identification and decision-making skills. Our Meggitt system at first glance may seem similar to standard range retriever systems but it differs largely because it is programmable. This system allows for you to run an existing program scenario or create your own for you and your group. You could for example, choose to have the target move 10 yards and then decide if it is going to turn to be friend facing or threat (foe) facing and then move 5 more yards and decide again which face is going to show. This system is designed to help enhance your target identification skills.



In our 3rd bay, we have the Milo Range System. Milo Range is a state of the art training system designed to evaluate your decision-making skills. It uses interactive video scenarios to provide realistic training of use of force options and tactical judgement. Milo Range reacts to your reactions. These reactions determine the outcome of the training scenario. You also have a full library of CGI firearm drills and exercises to keep your skills sharp. You could be shooting zombies or balloons one minute and the next minute you could be in the middle of a live video scenario that can help be a more responsible CCW holder. You have the choice to use your own firearm with live ammunition or our laser simulation training pistol in all of these scenarios.


If you are looking to become a top-notch marksmen, look no futher.

Our indoor shooting range will definitely help you on your journey to become a top-notch marksmen. You’ll be amazed at how much our facilities, interactive systems and hands on training will improve your skillset. What are you waiting for?

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Shooting Range Rules




We have an indoor archery range. Our range has 6 lanes and is 20 yards. We have some recurve bows that you can rent and will be expanding that selection soon.

Please click the “Sign Our Waiver” button below to sign the waiver prior to your visit.

Archery Range Rules