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Are you a collector, or are you just looking for a sweet deal on a new or used gun? Either way, this is a great place to find rare, hard to find guns, or pick up a gun at a great price.

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Find that perfect firearm online? Want to buy a gun from your next door neighbor? Protect yourself and have that firearm legally transferred at Stage Stop Gun Shop.

You purchased a gun from an out-of-state dealer and want it shipped to us for final transfer to you?

Please call us in Mariposa at 209-966-3777or Atwater at 209-358-4867 so we can get the process started for you.

Our fee for firearm transfers is $75.00 per firearm, plus DROS fees.

You want to purchase a firearm from another private party?

In order to do this legally, your best bet is to come into our store and speak with the seller.

  • The gun is transferred into our inventory and out of the seller’s name
  • You will fill out the federal firearm purchase form and present current identification and if applicable, permit to purchase
  • We will verify the background check and upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner
  • Our fee for private party firearm transfers is $10.00 per gun plus DROS fees.



Have an old gun you no longer need? Want some quick cash for your used firearm? Want to trade up to a new firearm? We will make a cash offer for your used firearms on the spot, or we can accept it on consignment and post on our Online Auction service at